Power BI Consulting Firms as seen on AppSource

Power BI Consulting Firms as seen on AppSource

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Are you looking for a Power BI consulting service from one of Microsoft's Gold or Silver partners? You can find such services on the Microsoft AppSource portal, or search for it in this report (For a report of Microsoft Dynamics Consulting services as seen on AppSource go here). Are you looking for a competitive intelligence report to learn about your competing firms, or analyze the landscape of Microsoft partners that focus on Power BI? This report is for you.


Below is a live version, you can try it out. Some of the features include:

  1. Firms page.

  2. Services page.

  3. Slice the report by Worldwide, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

  4. Drill-through from a selected firm to its services.

  5. Tooltips.

  6. Search firms by name, title of service and description of service.

  7. Search firms by country, state (US only) or province (Canada only).

  8. Slice companies and services by price. Convert local currencies to USD by an external web API (Quandl).

  9. Click on the hyperlink to navigate to the service in AppSource.

Here is the live report (including a DataChant logo in the center that will not appear in the purchased version):

You can choose one of the following options and purchase this Power BI Report (without the DataChant watermark in the center):

  1. One-time report (not refreshable)

  2. Report and Refreshable Queries (This option doesn't include support for breaking changes when Microsoft changes AppSource website)

  3. Refreshable version of the report with 12 months warranty (This option include support when Microsoft changes AppSource website)

  4. Option 3 + One-hour live learning session: How I web scraped AppSource to build this report

Instructions for Refreshable Version

If you purchase the refreshable version, you will get two files. The Power BI report file (.PBIX) and an Excel workbook (.XLSX) with the Power Query queries that perform the web scraping. These queries were excluded from the Power BI report, to provide faster import time. To review the queries, open the Excel workbook and launch Power Query Editor (from Data tab, Get Data).


To refresh the report, follow these steps: Save the workbook Power BI Consulting Services.xlsx in your computer, and copy the path. Open the workbook, and select Refresh All. When the refresh is done, save the file. If the refresh fails, please contact me at gilra@datachant.com. If you purchased the warranty, I will provide you a newer version of this file for a duration of 12 months since your purchase date.


Now, you will need to "rewire" the Power BI report to your local Excel workbook:

  1. Open the Power BI Report, and select Edit Queries. In the Queries pane select the Base Excel query.

  2. In Applied Steps, click on the settings icon in Source step.

  3. In the Excel dialog box, copy the path and filename of the Excel workbook you refreshed.

  4. Click OK, and then select Close & Apply in Home tab of Power Query Editor.


Your report will now include the latest consulting firms and their services from AppSource. You can now publish the report to PowerBI.com If you have any questions, please contact me at gilra@datachant.com