Explore Power BI Custom Visuals

Explore Power BI Custom Visuals

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Do you extensively work with Power BI Custom Visuals? This Power BI report connects to Microsoft AppSource to show all of the Power BI Custom Visuals which are publicly available on the marketplace. You can publish this report in your PowerBI.com tenant, and have it always up to date using a scheduled refresh.

The report allows you to drill down to certified and uncertified Custom Visuals, and find the latest published visuals.

What's New

Version 2.67 [5/7/2019]:

  • Fixes breaking change on AppSource

  • Include a new page for exploration via Word Cloud

  • Links to tutorial videos were added

  • Faster refresh time (Removed download of pbix links). For PBIX links (and bulk-download of custom visuals) download this workbook.

  • Use an API to load AppSource catalog instead of Web scraping

Supported Features

  • Supports scheduled data refresh on PowerBI.com

  • Includes direct links to the custom visual (pbiviz file) and videos

  • Identifies certified and uncertified visuals.

  • Includes user ratings

  • Includes custom visuals ranks

Why Should I Buy It

  • Explore Power BI Custom Visuals that are available on AppSource by publisher, certified / uncertified and more

  • Find before everyone else which Custom Visuals were recently released

  • Explore the Custom Visuals by publishers and ranks

  • Speed up your time-to-insights by exploring new custom visuals, and test them on your data

  • Gain access to the queries I used, and improve your Power Query skills

  • Use the report for demo purposes


Future changes on Microsoft AppSource API may cause the refresh of the report to fail.