Bulk Download of Power BI Custom Visuals

Bulk Download of Power BI Custom Visuals

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Do you extensively work with Power BI Custom Visuals? This Excel workbook uses Get & Transform / Power Query technology to import the catalog of Power BI Custom Visuals from AppSource and bulk-download the custom visual files (.pbiviz) and their sample reports (.pbix) into a local folder.

You can download all visuals, or download only the certifed or uncertified ones. Optional 1 year warranty: With warranty, if this workbook stops refreshing due to breaking changes in AppSource, you will be notified when an updated version is ready, and can download it for free during the warranty period.


Read this blog post for instructions and business cases to to use this workbook. After the bulk-download you will have one of the three following subfolders: From here, you can choose the visuals to analyze, approve, or upload to Power BI Organizational portal.

What's New

  • Version 2.63 fixes a breaking change on AppSource.

  • Version 2.61 supports the following parameters:

    • Include Version Name - The visuals will be stored with their current version name. This parameter allows you to keep different versions of the pbiviz files over time.

    • Download Only Checked Items - You can now select individual visuals you wish to download.

    • Download Images - You can now bulk-download the visuals' thumbnails to later use them in Power BI Organizational portal.

Supported Features

  • Bulk-download all, certified, uncertified or specified pbiviz cusotm visual files, pbix sample reports and thumbnails.

Why Should I Buy It

  • Great IT tool to help you start governing Power BI Custom Visuals.


Future changes on Microsoft AppSource website may cause the refresh of the report to fail. Please select the warranty option if you want an updated version that is refreshable following any breaking changes on AppSource.